The Studio


Our Studio

Mucci World Arts & Crafts Studio is the fun place to be inspired and  create precious memories.  Enjoy  a peaceful atmosphere.  You don’t have to be an artist. Relax as you paint your own masterpiece. Just paint. We have many things you can do here at our place. You get to take it home the same day! We love our customers and are excited to see the many creative things you do. Our joy is in the process and the final result. Every piece authentic and priceless. Things such as ready to paint your own pottery, canvas painting with or without instruction, backpacks, tote bags, t shirts, rocks, puzzles and more. Booking a Birthday or Art party will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your guest not only enjoyed themselves and also  got a present for them! Who does that?! Mucci World does! So come and see the different things we do here.  They also  makes great gifts for your special loved ones to cherish. Make  memories for a lifetime. Come for fun!  Check online at www.mucciworld.com for more details and other things we do. You can also purchase ready to paint ceramics and other things to go. Call 708.400.9977.  At Mucci World you can; Paint it here at our Studio, Take it to Go, We take it to you, or We paint it for you! We do Groups, Individual, Fundraisers, Events or activities. Whatever your need or desire we can work together to customize something for you. Create it  here at Mucci World Arts & Crafts Studio. Book your special moment today. 

Our ceramics are READY TO PAINT for decorative purposes only. All you have to do is paint and take it home the same day. 

Makes wonderful gifts. 



 "Arts and Crafts Studio by Mucci World is the place to be if you're looking for a unique way to spend your leisure time. The possibilities are endless.  Bring a group of friends and/or family, or that special someone. It's fun and one way to de-stress after a busy week! Give it a try and see for yourself. I highly recommend!"  Jeanna M Zivalich


How It Works

Paint It here at our studio, Take it to Go, or we can take it to you!

Get it the same day! 

Decorative purposes only. 

Pre-fired. No kiln needed.

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and have some precious quality time creating your masterpiece.