How It Works

By Appointment

How does it work

Here at Mucci World we sell ready to paint ceramics, banks, jewelry boxes, wood products, t-shirts and more. 

You can buy products to take home or you can make an appointment to use  our studio to paint it here. There is a small fee to reserve our studio to use our paints and supplies.

Individuals or  groups can:


Due to Private parties and events, appointments are necessary. Walk-Ins  are welcome when available. 

After making your  reservation you come into the studio and pick what you want to do when you get here. There are many things you can do. You can paint ceramics, canvas, piece of wood, rocks, puzzles, design or color a t-shirt, canvas, tote bag, canvas backpack and more. Prices vary. 

Book online for available dates and times. or call us..

A session includes the use of the studio for 1 hour (additional time can be purchased $3.50 for  additional 30 minutes), use of paints and supplies. The cost of the studio fee is $7 per hour and you can purchase additional half hour increments for $3.50 when available.

At this time you can only reserve the 

If you are interested in a Party or event you would call our studio for more details and availability. 

 If you are interested in classes you would also book them online or call for more information at 708.400.9977.

Paint it here

To paint at our studio you would  reserve  1 hour time slot called a session. .There is a $7 studio fee per person which includes the use of paints, supplies, and gloss (optional). Additional 1/2 hour is $3.50 upon availability. Must purchase products from our store to use the studio.

Usually you can find discounts or promotions on the studio fee every month.

 If you have a coupons for free studio fee the gloss is $3 and up depending on the size of the piece. 1 coupon per table. Cannot be combined with other offers.

 Our ceramics are for decoration purposes only . You cannot eat or drink out of cups or plates. They are not food safe but make a beautiful piece to treasure. 

We can apply gloss to your item or it can remain matte.

You will be able to take home product the same day. It will take bout 20 to 30 minutes to gloss.


At our studio, you can purchase any product and take it home and create it there. If you like, after you are done you can bring it back for gloss.an additional fee of $3 & up depending on size. 

Great for having birthday parties at your place or special fun night at  home.


We also take it to your business, fundraiser, or special event. 

Minimum of 25 people. There is a traveling fee depending on location. Check to see if we will travel to your location. 

We don't go to homes at this time but you can purchase the ceramic for your own birthday at a discount price for party fun. 

Ask for details. 

We Paint It For You

If you don't want to paint you can purchase a piece and we will paint it for you.   They is a 25% fee for the artist. 

We can give you a quote for other projects.

You can also purchase an already painted piece.

We do birthday parties, art parties, church retreats, senior events, field trips, special needs, singles events and more! Just call us and ask. we would love to help inspire your event.

We look forward to seeing you create at our place.

Mucci World, 

"The Fun Inspirational Place to Create Memories"


Special 10% off  for non-for-profits, special needs groups, seniors, people with disabilities and more for 15 or more guests. Call us for more information